Trekking The Kackar Mountains

This itinerary takes us through one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world. Trekking the Kackar Mountains National Park is the most gorgeous experience of the alpine mountain range in North-Eastern Turkey, which is a gate to the Caucasus Mountains. While we trek this beautiful landscape we will have a chance to see nearly 700 species of plants, and 50 of them being endemic to the national park. Considering the fact that Turkey has the highest biodiversity in the temperate zone, this is what you expect while you explore Turkey on foot.

Trekking The Pontic Alps

Hospital and colorful Hemşin and Laz people of the area, tasty food, glacier valleys, ice-bridges, waterfalls, alpine meadows, spruce, and beech forests are some of the reasons which make this trip outstanding.

Trekking The Pontic Alps

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