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About The Website

I had the opportunity to participate in bio-diversity training programs in Kackar National Park and the Termessos National Park. I had the chance to travel with the Alpine Garden Society experts and members and I learned a great deal from them.

After almost 20 years of wildflower photography, finally, I processed thousands of images and categorized them into 61 plant families and locations. Finally, I share them on my website called Flora Of Turkey. If you visit, I’d appreciate your input as comments and corrections. 

Visiting this site will change your perception of Turkey.

Interesting Facts About The Biodiversity Of Turkey

Most people don’t know that Turkey has the richest biodiversity in the temperate zone.

Although Turkey covers 0.6% of the earth by land, 2.6% of the world’s flora exists in Turkey.

Turkey exceptionally has 35% endemism in Europe and Antalya stands out as one of the 81 provinces in Turkey and with more endemic plants than most European countries.

Turkey has the highest number of vascular plants in Europe followed by Italy & Greece with a big difference.

I am sharing more interesting information about the biodiversity of Turkey on the flora site. Also, I am sharing more about climate change, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, carbon-offset, climate emergency in the Hike’n Sail Blog.

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Flora Tours

Being outdoor, taking pictures of wildflowers is my lifestyle, which I humbly include in my line of business as a tour option. Flora tours give me the opportunity to revisit the remote parts of Turkey and keep me update and also share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you.

Please click the website link to enjoy my website and share it with those who may appreciate it. If you are interested in a flora trip, please click the flora tour link below to go to the adventure tours page. You can filter the page by clicking the “flora” tag and find the tours which are best for botanizing, as well as other cultural experiences. My company Hike’n Sail Travel has been organizing Alpine Garden Society trips since 2005. I will be happy to put together a mind-blowing trip in diverse regions of Turkey and bring in local or international experts.

Alper Ertübey

Flora of Turkey