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All Adventure Tours in Turkey & Greece At A Glance


Turkey offers many choices for travelers who are seeking adventure tours because Turkey has a big cultural, geological, and biological diversity. With 33 years of experience, Hike’n Sail brings you unique adventure tours in Turkey and the Dodecanese Islands of Greece including your favorite activity. We categorize our tours according to activity type and location. Our favorite tour activities are hiking, sailing, sea-kayaking, walking, trekking, botanizing(flora), and food & wine tasting(culinary).  Please browse the adventure tour options to find your dream Adventure Tours in Turkey and if you can’t find the exact match among the suggested itineraries, please fill the contact form, and share as many details as possible. We correspond back and forth until we tailor the perfect tour for you.

Our principles for designing our itineraries:

– Use the resources responsibly,

– Reduce over-consumption & waste,

– Maintain biodiversity,

– Support the local economy,

– Involve the local communities,

– Leave no trace,

– Train our staff to deliver.

Our priorities for designing adventure tours in Turkey:

– Avoid long bus drives,

– Do not serve boring and repetitive meals,

– Choose accommodation with character,

– Avoid shopping traps,

– Balance physical and learning activities with leisure and fun.

– Be flexible.