New Hiking Tour in Turkey

Troas is the name of the ancient province where Troy was the main city. Troas Cultural Routes is a new hiking project concluding Gallipoli, 2 islands in the Aegean Sea, Mount Ida of İliad, so-called tombs of Achilles and Hector, nearly 50 ancient settlements, and 80 villages. The scenery, authenticity, hospitality, and food are remarkable. The entire circuit is about 400 miles. We handpicked some of the trails and added a superb hike in Pergamon to have a fulfilling hiking experience in this beautiful territory. Every day, we hike 8-11 miles at various types of terrain. This area is also known for olive groves and endemic plants.

If you are interested in this part of Turkey but not much a Level-3 hiker, then please see our trip called The Legendary Sites Of The North Aegean. It is a similar itinerary but much less active.

Hiking The Troas Cultural Routes

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