Multi-Sport Tour of Turkey

This multi-sport tour of Turkey allows us to hike, sail, kayak, balloon, and snorkel in the most beautiful parts of Turkey. Walking through some of the world’s strangest scenery, in Cappadocia, where the trails take us to surrealistic landscapes of volcanic chimneys, excavated for use as houses by early Christians, gorges, vineyards, elaborately carved and frescoed rock churches, and entire underground cities. West from the old city of Antalya with its shady palm-lined boulevards, narrow winding streets, and wooden houses, are the idyllic shores of ancient Lycia. We slowly travel along the coast, landing to walk through scented hills and visit classical coastal sites, sea kayak to explore sunken cities, sail the Fethiye Bay, snorkel over sunken Roman ruins, search for the fire breathing monster, Chimaera of Mt Olympos.

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