“If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital,” said Napoleon Bonaparte.

Indeed Istanbul resembles a very diverse historic and cultural heritage, with many must-see iconic monuments and places. However, exploring a city is not only about visiting and photographing the monuments and follow touristic clichés. This is why we are offering Istanbul walking tours.

Istanbul Walking Tours

This is why we design this itinerary with flexible content so that each trip can turn into a unique and personal experience. We will go the extra mile and take you on an alternative journey to experience the real food, music, dance, arts, cool joints, markets, and authentic neighborhoods of this legendary city.

Hike’n Sail guides who lead the Istanbul walking tours are experts on diverse districts and topics, such as Constantinople, Galata, Prince Islands, Bosphorus, Christian Heritage, Jewish Heritage, iconography, culinary experiences, street food, festivals, textiles, handicrafts, art galleries, gay-friendly environments, and many others.

istanbul walking tours

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