Flora Tour Of Turkey

This flora tour of Turkey is only one example of many flora tours you can enjoy in Turkey in diverse regions.

Joining a flora tour in Turkey will change your entire perception of Turkey.

Did you know that Turkey covers 0,6% of the world by land but presents 2,6% of its flora? With more than 10.000 species and 35% endemism Turkey stands out as the richest country in the temperate zone. Hike’n Sail has hosted one of the most prestigious institutions for wildflowers, Alpine Garden Society since 2003 and handled breathtaking itineraries in all parts of Turkey in pursuit of the most beautiful, and the rarest wildflowers.

Kemaliye is only one of many hotspots in Turkey. It is a small town on the Silk Road of about 1000 square km (100.000 hectares) and has more than one species of wildflowers. Situated on the River Euphrates at 3.300 feet, Kemaliye is a gem and delicate relic of our natural and cultural history.

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* This trip combines with İstanbul & Cappadocia trip.

Flora Of Turkey

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