Culinary Trip in Turkey

The best place to start a culinary trip in Turkey is İstanbul, the hub of culinary delights for the emperors and the sultans. We continue to the Thrace Wine Route, one of the wine regions of Turkey, where people know how to drink. During this epic food journey, we will stay at selected wineries, take a cooking class, explore Gallipoli Battlefields National Park, Troy, get cozy with seafood at Bozcaada (island), finally head back to İstanbul stopping at Bursa, the home of İskender Kebap.

The trip deliberately balances the rustic, traditional food, and top of the line restaurants.

Our Food & Wine trips are both designed with Slow Travel principles. We spend as low as 40-45 miles a day on average on transportation, which gives us enough time to absorb the experiences and digest our food.

Food & Wine Adventure

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