• Mare Nostrum can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 spacious cabins each with a hydromassage shower cell and vacuum flush toilet.
  • All cabins are fully air-conditioned.
  • 2 double cabins forward ensuite
  • 2 double cabins midships ensuite
  • 1 double cabin aft ensuite
  • 1 twin cabin aft ensuite
  • Very spacious and comfortable salon with dinette and bar.
  • Fully equipped and separate gallery.
  • Comfortable aft deck with cushions.
  • Outdoor dining facilities on the aft deck. Spacious sun deck area.
  • Separate crew quarters, all airconditioned 1 x 5 berth cabin fwd ensuite, 1 double cabin aft ensuite (captain), 1 bunk cabin midship ensuite
luxury gulet turkey



Plus %30 APA.

Rates are in USD/day (Ask for special deals at shoulder season)

Included:Not included:
  • All meals with outstanding presentation.
  • All drinks and alcoholic beverages, and hard liquors. 
  • Fuel for average 3-4 hours of cruise everyday.
  • Services of the crew. 1 captain, 1 cook, 2 first mates
  • Port taxes and transit log.
  • Insurance of the boat.
  • Use of sport & fishing equipment.
  • Water sports which require fuel.


Can we book this boat as many days as we want and start the trip any day of the week?

Gulets ideally operate on weekly schedules starting and ending on Saturday or Sunday. Gulet owners hate to break the week. You can book a gullet 5 or 6-day payments depending on the boat’s schedule and the owner’s willingness. You can find more flexible deals on the shoulder season, which is May & October.

Do we actually “sail”?

Gullets are designed for maximum comfort and very heavy with a keel of 7-8 feet, which means they need a strong wind to move on sails.  All Hike’n Sail itineraries include hikes, land excursions, as well as downtime. Although we do not rush around, we “do” have a schedule, so we don’t fool around putting the sails up and waiting for the wind very often. However, every trip, we set the sails up, at certain places, where we know that there will be wind and enjoy the tranquility.

What are the check-in & check-out times?

As soon as the guests disembark, the crew starts cleaning, laundry, and shopping for provisions. You are likely to be able to get on board at around 15:00. You are expected to leave the boat not later than 10:00. It is usually right after breakfast. Again, depending on the boat’s prior and next assignment, there may be flexibilities.

How do you handle special diets?

There is no problem with handling different diets, as long as we know details in advance. Turkish cuisine has endless opportunities for every diet and every taste.

How do you keep the cabins clean?

The bins in your cabin are cleaned and beds are made every day by the crew, at the times that you are enjoying your lunch with the others. Bedsheets and covers are replaced every 3-4 days, which is once a week.

Can I charge my phone, tablet, or laptop on board?

Yes, every day, the generator is run to charge the fridge, deep-freeze, and also operate the A/C, which means 220 V is available. Other times, there 12 – 24 V is available.

Why are daily rates different every month? What is the best time to be on a gullet vacation?

Rates start getting higher as soon as the schools are closed and get lower as soon as the schools are open again because gullet vacations are ideal for families and you expect to pay more to a luxury gulet in Turkey.

However, if your schedule is not tied up to the school year, you will find the shoulder season to be the ideal time for gullet vacations. In high season you will enjoy your time on the gullet with long daytime, and hot and humid weather. On the other hand, temperatures are much nicer in May, June, September, and October. These sea temperature averages can give an idea. (C/F)

Mediterranean (C/F)

20.5 / 6924 / 7526.5 / 8028 / 8227 / 8024 / 76

Aegean (slightly cooler) (C/F)

18.5 / 65.522 / 71.524 / 7524.5 / 7623 / 73.420.6 / 69

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