• Travel Safely

Travel Safely

2020 has been a very unusual year. We spent the first quarter of the year worrying about ourselves, our beloved ones, and all other people. We learned how to protect ourselves and the others around us. We created our own protocols of shopping and handling packaged goods, fresh vegetables, and fruits, etc. We locked down and remained calm and stayed at home if we were not obliged to do otherwise. Our lives changed suddenly and very radically.

As soon as, we figured out how to sustain our lives, we started to learn how to sustain our work and businesses. It was a long process. Hike’n Sail Travel is the only active member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) which has more than 1300 members in more than 100 countries. All of these tour operators collaborated with each other, local authorities, sharing opinions and best practices so that they could put together their re-opening protocols in order to provide the safest possible circumstances for their clients and their staff.

Arriving Healthy

Main PageYour health has always been a priority on our trips, and so moving forward we’ll be implementing a guest pre-trip screening process based on new standard operating procedures developed among a number of companies within the outfitting world. This will include a temperature check and answering standard questions.  Please understand that if you or a member of your household cannot meet the screening criteria, travel with us will not be possible.

Please download and fill this form and send it to us: H&S – Participant Acknowledgement of Risk

Maintaining Physical Distance

Small Group Sizes – Our group sizes will not exceed 10 if you are the members of the same household. Otherwise, we will reduce it to 7, there will be more space in the vans and on the boats, and everybody will have a window seat in the van.

Dining – We are making our meals as flexible as possible, providing options for larger or separate tables whenever we can, and dining al fresco if possible!

Choose to book privately – We strongly encourage you to travel with a group of friends and/or family. This seems to be the best option during the pandemic. H&S trips are extremely family-friendly and very flexible.

Slow Travel – We have started to design our itineraries to fit the slow travel principles even before COVID-19. We stay in small or remote places, plan to stay more than 1 night at each location, travel in the shoulder season, cover a small region, rather than traveling across the universe. This travel format is not only safer but also helps to absorb and enjoy the experience even better.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Additional precautions have been implemented to further clean and disinfect all surfaces of the various equipment we use, including kayaks, door handles, surfaces on vans, and boats. In the vans and onboard our staff will make the sanitizers for your use handy.  We encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer as well.

Bring a Face Covering

Bring your preferred face covering, and we’ll supply a few extras on the trip in case you forget. Medical masks are best and easy to carry. Cloth masks, buffs, etc. are all good options. You are obliged to wear masks in public in Turkey, also there will be times when they are required such as at an indoor orientation meeting or when using group transport.

COVID-19 Code of Conduct

Please read  COVID-19 Code Of Conduct for our expectations for you to follow and agree regarding the physical distancing and other precautions that are essential for all participants.

We will share our detailed mitigation & operation plans for specific tour types very soon.

COVID-19 Code of Conduct

Courtesy and respect for others have always been an unspoken code of conduct for our group trip participants. While we are modifying many procedures to reduce the risk of infection, we recognize that we cannot control people’s thoughts about the threat of COVID-19.  Some may be very concerned about contracting the disease, while others may not feel particularly cautious. Our goal is to create a trip atmosphere that both protects the health of all trip participants and provides a positive experience.

We know that COVID-19 spreads through virus droplets spread by people and these can be transmitted directly or by contact from certain surface areas. Medical professionals have issued guidance on how to minimize spread and we are implementing these as best we can.  We need everyone to support a spirit of cooperation and, to that end, we have established these behavioral expectations.

By participating on an H&S trip, you agree to the following Code of Conduct:

  • I agree to use handwash systems that are set up and be very aware of general hygiene
  • I agree to follow any system a guide sets up at meals or other times designed to protect the health of all trip members.
  • I will wear a facial covering if instructed to do by H&S staff.  I understand this is not optional.
  • I agree to follow the direction from H&S staff if there is a request for a change in behavior relating to the health and safety of all H&S guests and guides.
  • If I refuse to comply with these rules of conduct, I understand that H&S staff reserves the right to remove me from any trip and I am responsible for any evacuation expense.

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